Comic 185 - Hodeswell

12th Sep 2012, 7:00 AM in Book Two: "Sedgwick"
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Author Notes:

L8on 12th Sep 2012, 7:00 AM edit delete
I'm mostly happy with this page, though I'm annoyed that I made a mistake which I didn't notice until I had finished it. Can YOU find the mistake?

Go on, look.

The correct answer is: I should not have written "the New Zarington Sedgwicks." Sedgwick is his first name; it should say "the New Zarington Hodeswells." That's what I meant to put, but I got distracted.

Though my general rule is not to correct mistakes in Laser Brigade, I wanted to fix this one, but I ran out of time. For the first time, I'm right up against a deadline on this comic. Exciting, isn't it?
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