Comic 470 - STARGET

16th Feb 2017, 11:02 AM in Book Three: Chapter 5
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L8on 16th Feb 2017, 11:02 AM edit delete
Yow! Exciting!

Before we go, a moment of confession. I knew Starget was going to be a tough, ruthless, law-enforcement agent in space. The more I thought about him, the more I imagined him looking like Basil Wolverton's Spacehawk . . . a tough, ruthless, law-enforcement agent in space. In particular, I loved Spacehawk's helmet. It's so weird and creepy.

I eventually came to the conclusion that, a.) I wasn't going to come up with a helmet design I liked better than Wolverton's, b.) the Spacehawk design is in public domain, and c.) as long as I'm honest about it, it's a loving tribute and not just a rip-off. So I ripped off the helmet. And some of the other details--the gun, for instance. But the star on his chest is new.

Anyway, my point is, Basil Wolverton was a genius.

NEXT WEEK: We return to the present, as the King of Gillanspy must figure out what to do with all this bad news!
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